Gadget: YN-622 TX modified for wedding photographer

Although we are wedding photographers, we also have other projects related to it. I studied electronical engineering, and I like to use the knowledge  I acquired to create devices that help us in our work.


Today I want to present you the modification I made to the wireless transmitter TTL YN- 622 TX. I want to show a video of its performance and then I tell you a little about the idea and its specifications. All test images were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART, with the diaphragm at F1.4 , to use the system in the worst focus conditions and check that it still works.




Almost all professional wedding photographers use servo/continuous focus system, which allows you to secure more focused photos without losing any special moment. But this system has a weak point: focussing in low light or total absence of light. For this, many of us switched to simple focus, and we use a laser or light emitting array to allow us to focus correctly.


Loreto and I used the Yongnuo YN- 622 TX, which has a laser array and is the best TTL wireless system we’ve tested. It has all the functions that a wedding photographer would need, plus some extras that make it awesome. Futhermore, it has a powerful AF assist, and its reliability is close to a hundred percent .


But we always had the same problem. On the opening dance, when we want to focus at the couple in movement, without enough light, many of the photographies were lost due to lack of focus. So I thought it would be possible to modify the YN- 622 TX to get more focussed photos. After several attempts, I programed a microcontroller that allows it and does exactly what we want: Use the autofocus assist system of the YN- 622 TX on Servo/Continuous focus mode.


Features of the new YN- 622 TX 2.0 are exactly like the not modified model, but now you have a switch on the side of the device to switch between focus assist on single mode (As it has always worked) or focus assist on Servo/Continuous mode. In addition, focus assist is emitted when you press the AF Button you selected on your camera, so you do not have to do any complicated step or reposition your hands to throw the matrix. The system is prepared to stop  the array when you make a shot, avoiding the camera captures the red lines. And at the end of the shot , AF assist is emitted again, so you can focus nearly all of the shots you do in a quick burst.


We already are using in our wedding photography , although we believe that press photographers and anyone who needs to focus on very low light situations could benefit from this system.


If you are a photographer and you are interested in this product, please contact us through this form.



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